Sunday, March 29, 2009

Women on Corporate Boards

Catalyst is well known for its research on women in business. Catalyst's 2008 census of Women Board Directors and Corporate Officers and Top Earners of Fortune 500 companies was published on Jan 12, 2009 at

According to the latest report, among Fortune 500 companies, on average 1.7 out of 11.2, or 15.1% of board directors are women. For FP500 companies in the healthcare and social services industry sector 2.1 out of 10.5, or 20% of directors are women. The percentages are almost the same in each case for women among corporate officers and top earners.

These figures represent a very small increase over 2007. An increase was also seen in the number of boards with 3 or more women, which is reported to be the magic number to achieve critical mass and keep those women on board. There has however, been an increase in the number of boards without a single woman director.

What has your experience been? Is it difficult to be the only senior woman in a corporation? Two's not enough company? Three's a comfortable crowd?

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