Thursday, June 3, 2010

Networking No-No's

Since I have a reputation of being extremely well networked, I often receive requests from friends, and friends of friends, to make introductions to my contacts in the pharma and biotech industries. Experience has taught me to be more selective in whom I choose to connect than I was at first - if you want my recommendation, please don't commit any of the following faux-pas.

1. The profligate. Please don't give out my contact information willy-nilly to just anyone without doing your own quality checks beforehand.

2. The undecided. If you want me to provide a reference or letter of recommendation, I expect you to be serious about the position for which you are applying. If you change your mind or are lukewarm in putting yourself forward, don't expect me to put time or effort into helping you.

3. The stalker. Please do not embarrass me by harrassing either me or my personal contacts with whom I have entrusted you, by refusing to take a polite no for an answer or bombarding us with phone calls and emails

4. The superbitch. If I recommend you for a job, please don't establish yourself as a "difficult" or high maintenance person on day 1. Rest assured it will be the last job I'll recommend you for