Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lessons in Leadership

Over the past six weeks I've been attending the Healthcare Businesswomen's Association Leadership in Practice program.  Freda Lewis-Hall, Pfizer's Chief Medical Officer set the theme of Equanimity under Duress - or how to keep your head while all around you are losing theirs.

Freda outlined in a blog posting a three step approach to career planning that I found very insightful:
1. Build your Base
2. Build your Brand
3. Make your Breakthrough

Step 1 is all about acquiring the knowledge and experience in your field.

Step 2 is about establishing your personal brand - or what leadership qualities others associate with you.

This is the stage I'm currently at.  I'm realizing that others already recognize me as a leader, and come to me for strategic advice, for career device and mentorship.  In the last few months others have sought my input as a mentor, a cello teacher and as a published author.  I struggled for a while to figure out and promote my personal brand but I'm coming to the realization that my brand is already out there and it's more for me to recognize, embrace and reflect.

Step 3 is about being open to opportunities and seizing them with both hands when they come along.  I'm ready!

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