Wednesday, May 9, 2012

On Leadership

Here are some valuable tips on leadership from Dieter Weinand, President of Pfizer's Asia Pacific Region Primary Care Business Unit:

On leadership:
  • Leadership is not self-serving, it is about serving others and involves many sacrifices
  • Leaders have compassion - ambition can give you sharp elbows
On cultural adaption:
  • Be yourself; be aware of cultural stereotypes and play to your strengths but downplay your weaknesses and prove those stereotypes wrong
  • Learn about the system and how things work in another country so that you can be effective
  • Build your network - don't be shy but talk to people everywhere who are different from you, and you will learn something from everyone

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  1. Janet, first compliment - you created a blog in a minute and it's wonderful and inspiring. NOW I see how it should be done! So I looked at your other blog and here I am, so...
    Second compliment - I love that you have made this informative and instructional. Thank you!
    ... - Nedra